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Our background includes:

My knowledge of sales, advertising, mid-century, and retro collectibles. Tyler's knowledge and past experience with law and emergency services helps us tremendously in securing our client's home and belongings. 

 Also his hands on knowledge with small engine repair, car knowledge, vintage toys, collectibles cards, and such.  Clayton’s background and expertise in antiques, collectibles, jewelry, coins, and weaponry.  Plus, we have many resources to refer to in such unique areas as historical documents, pottery, military, etc..  It is important to have the knowledge and resources to accurately price and advertise your belongings.


We are not a big company by any means.  We believe in quality, not quantity.  We want to devote our time and resources to each sale, to go above and beyond, which makes us feel like we have satisfied our clients and customers.


We have handled large and small sales alike.  Our typical client ranges from the everyday Joe to millionaires.  Most of our sales are for the everyday Joe, just like you and me.  Some exceptional sales we have done included large farm properties with several outbuildings and farm equipment, sales for local community heroes, and sales of historical properties and estates.


Our biggest form of flattery is the referral of a clients’ business.  90% of our business is through word of mouth.  We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, dependable, and respectful.  We are in a non-judgement zone upon entering the homes of our client.  There is no amount of stuff, cobwebs, mess, or anything else that could deter us from accomplishing our task at hand.  We understand all circumstances that can lead to unresolved properties. 


When all is said and done, our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations in closing this chapter of your life.  We hope, in the future you will consider us when faced with handling any estate, moving, downsizing, or emergency sales.



                                             Our door is always open to any questions or concerns.

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